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Chestnut Hill Resident Says Some Want to Keep It "Lily-White"

A Chestnut Hill resident has written a scathing column about her lack of interest in joining the Chestnut Hill Community Association. She lived in Chestnut Hill in the 1970s, and returned there recently and found it more diverse—a quality she appreciated.

And yet, I don’t see such representation on the CHCA board. In fact, I see some members trying desperately to keep Chestnut Hill as “lily white” as it has been in the past. She cites the rejection of various neighborhood development efforts as examples, including a bid to turn the old Borders store into an arts theater and the Green Woods Charter School's proposal to purchase a property on Chestnut Hill Avenue. She also mentions "the whole business of Chestnut Hill College’s use of the Sugar Loaf property on the corner of Germantown and Bells Mill Road," with a reference to "the powerful elite."

Them's fightin' words, that's for sure. It'll be interesting to see how the community responds. Unrelated: The tagline for the piece reads, "Linda Baldwin is a longtime Chestnut Hill Resident and a fixture at Kilian’s Hardware." We see what you did there. Nice one.

A Hill Resident Speaks Out [Chestnut Hill Local]