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Should We Worry About the Keith Haring Mural?

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UPDATE: We got in touch with Jane Golden and she filled us in on the latest.

Philadelphia Speaks member themule took the below photo of the Keith Haring mural to show that it's being covered up in scaffolding. He's worried about it disappearing.

It doesn't much matter to another forum member, Wifi, who writes:

After looking up this Keith Haring guy, it seems he was just some dude with Aids that died trying to find a cure or raise awareness. The art world really likes to get on someone's grundel only after they die. "Get on someone's grundel" — that's a new one for us here. We like it.

Haring, who was quite famous before he died, is a Pennsylvania native and was raised near Kutztown, where all great art is born. He was a dedicated social activist, whose devotion to social causes defined his art. He collaborated with children on numerous murals, including the one at 22nd and Ellsworth, which was done in coordination with CityKids. A new garden was installed in front of the mural by Composite Inc. about 10 years ago to coincide with a bright new restoration of the mural by MAP. The city and MAP have always been proud to have such a noted artist and activist associated with our mural program.

It is true that the house upon which the mural is painted was sold in January. But there's no indication, so far, that the new owner has plans to destroy the house or the mural. And Jane Golden is in contact with the contractor—and when Jane's on the case, you can pretty much take a breath and relax.