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Phylicia Rashad May—or May Not—Have Climbed These Stairs

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Do No Harm, the medical TV drama/thriller (driller?) that's filming in Philly, did a shoot on Delancey Street Friday, in (or around) this house that's been on the luxury home market for too long. There are few streets in Philadelphia that rival 21st and Delancey for location and loveliness, and this mansion was built by proteges of Frank Furness in 1868. For 40 years, it served as an apartment building but it's now been restored by Lily Properties to its former 19th-century grandeur as a single-family home that's a blend of original details and all-new geegaws. The mix includes: · Six original fireplaces
· 14-foot ceilings on first and second floors
· Four-passenger elevator to all levels
· Three-car heated garage
· 900 square foot roof terrace

The 8,160 square feet will run you $3,949,000, but hey! It has an eight-year tax abatement!
· Listing: 2036 Delancey St. [Plumer & Associates]