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You Could Win $2,500 If You Have a Horror Story to Tell

We're soliciting tales from readers who have horror stories—or even tales of minor misery—to share with others (anonymously) about first-time home buying. And there's money in it: If you win the contest for most awful first-time home-buying story, you'll go to the national finals for a chance to win $2,500 to spend in a home store. But in order to win, you've gotta play. PIng our tipline and tell us all about it.

This feature will be part of our upcoming Rookie Roosts week, which is dedicated to the fine art of purchasing a home for the first time. We'd welcome your input even if you don't have a horror story, so let's crowd-source the hell out of this one. For instance: Did you recently buy a home? Are you a broker with advice? Or a seller with wise words? Like, how can a first-timer act like a veteran to make sure they're getting the best deal? What should first-time buyers know first and foremost? What's a good tip that might end up being a lifesaver?

Ping, ping, ping goes the tipline!