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Local Couple Guest Stars on DIY Network's Redo "Reality" Show

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The show is called Good, Better...Best, and is hosted by local boy Jeff Devlin, whose dual passions—television and carpentry—come together on the DIY Network. The premiere episode of GB...B—which aired last night at 10 p.m.—featured a West Philly pair, Rachel Walker and Gregg Mohrmann, who were renovating the attic of their large Victorian home. We asked Rachel what she thought after seeing the episode. "As far as the process, it was definitely eye-opening to how reality TV lacks reality," she says. "The finished product, as far as the television show, turned out great and they showed my fiance and I in great light. The finished product as far as the actual attic renovation was less than ideal. They made the space 'TV-ready,' which meant electrical didn't work, paint was missing or walls uneven. But after some significant fighting, we got the contractors and production company to deliver a space we love."

Fighting between the couple, however, was exaggerated. As Rachel points out on her very fun renovation blog, they were asked to pretend to differ over style preferences, even though they pretty much agree on everything. Also, Devlin gets to take credit for an idea (turning the tub into a loveseat) that was actually Rachel's. No fair!
· A Stylish Attic Conversion for a Philly Victorian [DIY Network]