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Barnes Makes List of Top Tourist Attractions; Homeless Don't

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Barnes rendering with homeless
Barnes rendering with homeless

Barnes rendering without homeless

According to a Philadelphia Business Journal slideshow, the Barnes Museum is one of the city's top 25 tourist attractions—or at least it was in Merion. The Journal predicts the 2010 estimate of 85,000 visitors per year will bring it higher in the rankings (it's currently No. 24) now that the museum is on the Parkway.

In related news—or completely unrelated news—Mayor Nutter took a harder stand on homeless on the Parkway yesterday by banning "outdoor food distribution in city parks."

The Daily News' Jan Ransom wrote this morning, "Nutter said the announcement had no connection with the planned May opening on the Parkway of the $150 million Barnes Foundation."

Other top tourist spots were usual suspects, like the Franklin Institute (No. 5), Christ Church (No. 13) and of course Independence National Historic Parks (No. 1). But some were genuine surprises, like Sugar House Casino, which came in at No. 10. Yes, it's true: Tourists would rather gamble than see the Betsy Ross House (No. 12). Maybe installing slots there would help?
· Nutter: Feed the hungry, but indoors, not in parks [Daily News]
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Barnes On The Parkway

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