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Tunnel Farm: So Perfect, the Horses and Dogs There Are BFF

This exquisite property is hard to look at through the prism of a middling bank account. Tunnel Farm is sited on a span of 24 lush acres that includes two tenant houses, a paddock, a riding ring, a bank barn with eight acres of pasture, a spring house, a pond and mini arboretum. The property is surrounded by the 279-acre Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve, which offers five miles of unpaved trails where you can see adorable foxes and flying squirrels, Jonathan Franzen-pleasing bird life, and New York ironweed, purple coneflower and swamp milkweed. It's all so woodsy and pretty and colonially picture-perfect, the animals who live there—even those of different species—snorgle happily together. Size: Five bedrooms, 4,924 square feet.
Price: $2,900,000
Local pride bonus: Mantle made from King of Prussia marble
Starchitect bonus: Addition by John Milner
· Listing: 720 Swedesford Road, Ambler [Sotheby's/Callaway Henderson]