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Faculty Members Revolt: No More Divine Lorraine Docs!

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A hapless soul posted his video documentary about the Divine Lorraine on the Philly subreddit. It gleaned this response:

Every year in Philadelphia-area universities, one in ten incoming film students will make a short film about the Divine Lorraine hotel. Seven out of ten photography students will produce a series featuring the hotel. Documentaries and photography centering around this building and it's environs are clogging university archives throughout the region. The problem has gotten so bad that some non-tenured faculty at Temple and Drexel universities have been forced to donate half of their office space to storage of short films and photographs featuring the Divine Lorraine.

At Penn the School of Engineering and Applied Science has been forced to relocate its ENIAC display to a janitorial closet to make room for more photography archives. If you have children in or about to enter college, please, take a moment and talk to them about the dangers of producing films and photographs of the Divine Lorraine.

This message brought to you by Concerned Faculty of Philadelphia


The Last Days of the Divine Ms. L. [Curbed Philly]

Divine Lorraine Hotel

699 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19123