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Step Inside the Floating Homes of the New Jersey Shore

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This 1983 Mariner III is 42 feet long. It's priced at $97,000.

Sea Village is in Northfield, NJ, which is an easy drive from Philly (it's right near Margate, should you have any emergency Jewish-deli needs). The marina is one of the few places in the country where people live year-round in floating homes. While Northfield isn't Sausalito, Sea Village has its own kind of charm. Real estate in Margate can run you hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. But even the largest floating homes are reasonably priced—and often come furnished. It's best for you and your significant other—and maybe a well-behaved child or two—because these can be small even when they're large. But we like tiny houses.

The 42-foot home featured in the video has three bedrooms and a loft above the kitchen. The living room sofa is a queen-sized foldout. The price has recently been reduced by $30,000, so it's now $129,000. Pots, pans, dishes included.
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