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Confidential to Temple Sophomore ISO Sleep

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From an ad written by a female Temple student looking for roomies: "I live a pretty quiet lifestyle—I like to hang out with friends, go out every once in a while, but mostly curl up with a movie! My grades are important to me but I'm not a nut. I usually have a pretty full schedule so sleep is also important to me. On Tuesday, I will be looking at a variety of housing- (16th & Diamond, 15th & Norris, 18th & Berks- all safe/ student populated areas!)"

From SeeClickFix regarding 19th and Berks: "unruly, drunk, loud temple students: temple students constantly with loud music, shouting profanities, drinking urinating, appx. 50 students per pack. until 3-4am. disturbing the peace."

Sounds like you're learning to be a critical thinker, Temple student. Make an inference.
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· unruly, drunk, loud temple students [SeeClickFix]

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