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Rare Video of the Interior of Lynnewood Hall Emerges

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Historical photos of Lynnewood Hall via Save Lynnewood Hall Facebook group

Lynnewood Hall in Elkins Park is another Philadelphia-area building—like PMLIB, actually—that you've likely driven by and wondered about. It's not being torn down, but it doesn't seem to be in use either. Philly is full of such behemoths, and there's always a passionate group of people who advocate for the ghost building's survival. In this case, advocates for Lynnewood Hall point to its historical legacy—it was an American Versailles for the Widener family, built and designed by famed architect Horace Trumbauer. Over time, the building's interior has been "cannibalized," as the Washington Post put it, for its more valuable trimmings: its marble fixtures, for example. Because the current owner, Rev. Dr. Richard S. Yoon, of First Korean Church of New York, won't allow the public into the property, it's impossible to know what its condition is. But a couple days ago, a link to a YouTube video was posted on Save Lynnewood Hall's Facebook page. A user there said the video was taken inside the Hall, and members were gratified to see that the ballroom, at least, seemed to be maintained in its former splendor. Note: You'll enjoy the video more if you speak Korean.

Meanwhile, in related Lynnewood Hall news, the latest installment of French people building Lynnewood via computer simulation went online yesterday. Note: You'll enjoy that video more if you speak French.

· Save Lynnewood Hall [Facebook]

Lynnewood Hall

920 Spring Avenue, Elkins Park, PA 19027