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Super Speedy Mini Price Chop, But We May Know Why

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You might think a four-bedroom single-family home with 1,728 square feet on a block with non-metered parking—and very close to public transportation—sounds like a damn good deal for less than $50,000. Sure, it needs work, but you could relax on the sun porch in between trips to Home Depot. Not only that, but the house in just steps away from an enormous park, a sure perk for a dog owner, and it's easy biking distance to Penn or University of the Sciences or Clark Park. But after a mere five days on the market, this house's price was mini-chopped from $49,900 to $47,900. Why the sudden action?
The problem with Kingsessing, sadly, is that the violence there tends to hit the news quickly and in big ways. In 2011, a basketball game at the neighborhood rec center was disrupted by a shooting that wounded six people. The number of people injured was compounded by the fact that, miraculously, no one who'd been at the game saw anything. This past weekend, a SEPTA driver was pulled off his bus at 54th and Greenway—just a few blocks from this house—and brutally beaten. The story showed up in the Daily News on Mon., March 19th—the same day this price was chopped. We don't know if further price chops will be required, but might we suggest new photos? The house has "good bones," but it's hard to see through the pall cast by crackhouse devil curtains.
· Listing: 1313 S. 51st St. [Remax/Access]