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"Butt-Fugly Building" Interiors Demand Consideration Too

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Today GroJLart over at Philaphilia posted a screed against this week's "Butt-Fugly Building," the William Penn House (WPH) at 19th and Chestnut. He was probably invoking popular sentiment when he described the building as "a giant beige-colored 60's college dorm-looking wall of trash." We'd be hard-pressed to disagree. But what about the interior of the building, seen here in the building's own sample shots? Do they not deserve our consideration? First, some context. The WPH was once known primarily as a residence favored by the elderly (including the grandmother of Curbed Philly's editor). But the building has, in recent years, increased its marketing and outreach to families with children and people in the workforce. Even young retirees are getting in on the act. Extensive renovations were undertaken in the lobby area, which did indeed resemble a nursing home at one point, and the rooftop pool and indoor parking are attractive perks for such a central location.

That being said, some of the apartments that get advertised on Craigslist, where the youngsters often look for real estate, unfortunately have interior decor that really is straight-up grandma. Let's take a look:

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