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We Recommend a Penthouse and a Wine Cellar for Maria Bello

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Hi, Maria Bello. Welcome back to the Philadelphia area, if only for a brief time. First of all, let us say we're sorry to hear that your show, Prime Suspect, got cancelled. It's not your fault. It's sort of hard to compete with Helen "that's right, I wear a bikini in my sixties" Mirren. Maybe it had something to do with the hat?

Whatever the reason, we have some compensatory pleasures for you.

First of all, you're going to be at the Human Rights Campaign gala at the Ritz-Carlton Saturday night. Since you're a celeb, you should definitely make a celeb-y fuss and get a club-level penthouse suite at the Ritz. It's completely, unbelievably, deliciously unnecessary.

We're sure it all reminds you of your native Norristown.

Moving on to March 26, you're going to have that invitation-only fundraiser on the Main Line for your Haiti charity, We Advance. According to Main Line Today, when homeowner Gail Slogoff has parties at her Merion house, they generally end up in the wine cellar (right), which the publication called "an oenophile’s paradise." Again, feel free to pull the celeb card and start plucking attractive bottles from one of 1,500.
· We Advance

The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia

10 Avenue of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA 19102