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Most Unique Home in Philadelphia Gets $500,000 Price Chop

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Photographs by Gary Schemp

The French Normanesque Copperwood Estate in Chestnut Hill is not just on the market, it's ON THE MARKET. A couple days ago, agent Christopher Plant let us know the price has been chopped by an additional $500,000 because the owners are keen not to miss an opportunity out of town. So now's your chance to buy the only home in Philadelphia that has the following: 1. A false shelf of books that, when pushed, opens into a speakeasy bar
2. A bowling alley
3. A ballroom with 16th-century paneling from a King James Hunting Lodge
4. An enormous hearth with a hand-carved mantle that will make you want to either go to church or play chess
5. A tennis court
6. A full-sized in-ground pool with a limestone terrace
7. A guest cottage with three bedrooms
8. A raised herb garden outside the kitchen
9. An office wing with cloister-like hallways
10. A billiards room-slash-library
11. A fountain anchored by a naked lady

We could go on, but look at the photos (there are about 60 more at the listing website). But what of the basics? There are eight bedrooms, eight baths and 17,900 square feet on five acres. With this recent price chop, it's a mere $3,200,000—which, if you think about it, is really quite reasonable compared with other expensive homes we've featured.
· Listing: 9002 Crefeld St. [Elfant Wissahickon]