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Divine Lorraine Owner Warned of Demolition

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Hidden City posted this photo of a violation notice on the Divine Lorraine dated March 22. The owner is warned that L&I has found the building unsafe, and so: "YOU ARE HEREBY ORDERED TO REPAIR OR DEMOLISH SAID PREMISES WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THIS NOTICE."

Panic not, though. This is a standard violation notice and is extremely unlikely to be carried out to the letter given that the mayor has publicly stated the Divine Ms. L is part of his agenda for reviving North Broad. And just Wednesday night a panel on the future of North Broad featured plans for the building's use. Developers, urban planners, architects, educators, historians, journalists, students, filmmakers, photographers—there are simply too many people in Philadelphia invested in this building. It's probably better protected from demolition than it has been in years.

So deep breaths, now. Or if you don't believe us: Valium.

Divine Lorraine Hotel

699 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19123