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Yellow Starter Beach Bungalow in Fishtown

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This has to be one of the weirdest homes under $200,000 in Philly: a three-story bright yellow cottage that looks like it was airlifted from some downscale beach town (or perhaps Sea Village). The inside is going to need work: There's wall-to-wall carpeting, some unfortunate linoleum, and does one of the photos show a giant bucket catching water from the ceiling? The house is quite close to the famed Kensington Soup Society, which recently made the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places. Does this mean the Society will be reinvented as a popular tourist destination? Does it imply a larger municipal concern for the other properties on the street? With three bedrooms, a basement, a yard and an enclosed porch, this oddball cottage might be worth checking out.
· Listing: 1115 Crease St. [Zillow]