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And the Answer Is ... 21st and Pine!

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Cornerspotter is a Curbed Philly feature in which we show you a historical photo of the city and you tell us where the photo was taken. The prize? Your name and quirky biographical info here as well as a historic Philadelphia postcard snail-mailed to your home. Have suggestions for next week's Cornerspotter? Send them to

The winner of last week's Cornerspotter contest is Tim Collier, who grew up in Mt. Airy and now lives in Old City. He's familiar with the corner because a friend used to live near Fitler Square. "I used to always walk down Pine Street to visit him from my old apartment at 12th and Spruce," he says. "It's a lovely walk and one of the row homes that I always admired was at the corner of 21st and Pine. It stands out because of the beautiful archway landing that serves as the entrance. The other big clues were the homes across the street with the top-to-bottom bay windows, which you don't see a lot in Philly."

Congrats, Tim. You'll be getting a historic Philadelphia postcard in the mail!