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Welcome to Curbed's Rookie Roosts Week 2012!

Well, this is exciting. It's Curbed's first-ever Rookie Roosts Week, all across the Curbediverse—five days devoted to the art of that fist-clenching, terror-inducing roller coaster ride that is the purchase of a first home. We'll have home buying horror stories and advice from an agent/blogger who's seen first-timers make plenty of mistakes. We'll debut our newest column by someone who's going through the process AS WE SPEAK. We'll have info about starter homes and starter neighborhoods, as well as some fun with the topic of moving. But if you're not buying a home and don't have plans to, fear not: We'll still plenty of the other content you've come to love.

This will be more fun if you contribute, too. Have a story? Advice? Wanna tell folks not to buy? Send it to us via the tipline: or pipe up in the comments. Contributions from agents and/or anyone who feels they can say something positive about Philly's public schools are also welcome. So let's get this party started!