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Brewerytown Supermarket; Don't Forget to Vote; More!

THE FRENCH, NATURELLEMENT—We featured Four Starter Homes for Families With Kids this week, and put a little emphasis on playgrounds and street safety. But we recognize that living in Philly doesn't always afford access to green space, so we were happy to spot the French-made Livingstones (above), which may be the next best thing. [dornob]
BREWERYTOWN—Tomorrow's the day: A new Bottom Dollar Food breaks ground in Brewerytown, bringing much needed victuals to the area. The groundbreaking is at noon at 31st and Girard (we believe). [Curbed Inbox]
CURBEDIVERSEDon't forget to vote for the most terrible, most appalling home-buying horror story. Whoever wins in Philly will go on to the national competition for a chance to win $$. So pick the person with the worst story so they'll have at least one victory to compensate for the drama. [Curbed Philly]