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What in the World Is Going on Here?

Eagle-eyed reader Harrison sent us a listing for a rental in Queen Village. He writes: "I believe that's an orange bathtub. And a woman and child sitting on air?" (We like the fact that an orange bathtub is almost as outrageous to Curbed readers as a woman and child sitting on air. We completely agree!)

The listing copy has some ... peculiarities:

· INDEPENDENT & PRIVATE UNIT. No common spaces [except the one you share with floating people]
· all typical house amenities [floating people are very typical]
· UNIQUE INSIDE VIEWS [it is unique to have floating people indoors]
· OPEN SPACE CONCEPT with PRIVACY [except from the floating people]

· $1550 / 2br - 1200ft² - DISTINGUISH BI-LEVEL, 2 baths + (Queen Village) [Craigslist, of course]