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You'd Think This Would Be Dated By Now. But Truth Is Eternal.

JERRY: hello. Oh, hi. What's happening? ? what? oh um, sure, ? um, yeah, okay,
uh. I'll see you then. Yeah, yeah, Bye.
ELAINE: Who was that?
JERRY: That was Keith.
ELAINE: What's going on?
JERRY: He wants me to help him move.
ELAINE: Help him move? Move what?
JERRY: You know, furniture.
ELAINE: So, what did you say?
JERRY: I said yes, but I don't feel right about it. I mean I hardly know the guy. That's a
big step oin a relationship. The biggest. That's like going all the way.
ELAINE: And you feel you're not really ready for,?
JERRY: Well we went out one time. Don't you think that's coming on a little too strong?

KRAMER: What's going on?
JERRY: Keith Hernandez just asked me to help him move.
KRAMER: What? Well, you hardly know the guy?. What a nerve. You see wasn't I
right about this guy? Didn't I tell you? Now, you're not going to do it are you?
JERRY: ? I said yes.
KRAMER: YOU SAID YES!? Don't you have any pride or self respect? I mean, how
can you prostitute yourself like this? I mean what are you going to do? You're going
to start driving him to the airport?

KEITH: Better bring your gloves, it's freezing out there. It shouldn't take too long. I'd
say maybe, oh, four hours. Really though, Jerry, there's not that much. First we got
the bedroom, we got two dressers and the bed.
JERRY: Is there a box spring?
KEITH: What's that?
JERRY: Is there a box spring?
KEITH: Yeah there's a box spring but it's attached to the headboard and we'll have to take
that apart. Then we got the couch.
JERRY: Is that a sectional?
KEITH: Yeah. Twelve pieces. ?coffee table.
JERRY: Is that a thick marble?
KEITH: Three inches thick. Got it in Italy. But the BIG problem is going to be the
convertible sofa. You see when you move it it tends to open up so it's going to be
real difficult getting it down the stairs.
JERRY: STAIRS??? There's no elevator?
KEITH: Nah, it's a brownstone. Three floors.
JERRY: I'm sorry I can't do this. I can't do it. I can't. It, it's too soon. I don't know you. I
can't help you move. I'm sorry. I can't. I just can't.