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Yelp Moving Co. Reviews: They Were Nice, But ...

From a review of a Philly moving company (which shall remain nameless) by Caroline R.:

The guys who showed up (half an hour late) were perfectly nice, but obviously had very little moving experience and also moved incredibly slowly. After it took TWO AND A HALF HOURS for them to load the first half of our stuff (and we just have a small one bedroom apartment), I finally gave up and started moving stuff too, because I was afraid we wouldn't get out of our building in time. I'm a pretty small female and I was able to move more stuff than they did, and that was in between me having to explain to them basic things about how to move (e.g. helping them figure out how to fit stuff through doors and into the elevators). My two favorite moments had to be:

1. Halfway through all three guys took a load of stuff down in the elevator (don't ask me why that required three people), and in the time it took them to come back I moved the entire rest of the contents of the apartment to the area in front of the elevator. When they finally got back, they seemed impressed and said, "wow, you're fast!" Thanks, but isn't that THEIR job?

2. At one point I saw one of them carrying a small table that has casters on it. I said, "You know you can push that, it has wheels," to which he replied "not anymore!" and showed me that he had somehow managed to snap off one of the casters.