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The Toaster Oven

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This morning, we'll be hearing from first-time buyers whose home acquisition process didn't go quite as they expected. At 1 p.m. the polls will open, and Curbed Philly readers will vote for the story that's most horrific. That story will go on to compete on Curbed National with other regional winners for a chance to win a $2,500 home store gift card—standard contests rules apply).

I bought my first house just over two years ago in Point Breeze. In all my life living in my parents houses and apartments, I never lived with a mouse or roach problem. That changed when I moved into my first house. I don't like killing anything, so I refused to buy mouse traps that kill or glue traps when I was noticing at least one mouse in my house. It would leave its “black rice” everywhere. On the kitchen counter, in the stove, under my bed!

But the worst came when I was making toast in my toaster oven. I noticed it smelled, so I made a mental note to give it a good cleaning. The next day I was using it again and it really smelled. I removed the toast and the tray and to my horror, a dead mouse!

I unplugged the toaster oven after I stopped myself from screaming and scaring my two dogs something awful. I ran into the backyard and tried to dump the dead mouse into a large flowerpot. It was stuck to the bottom. I had to chip it off with a stick but the tail broke off like a burnt piece of toast.

I have no plans of buying a toaster oven for a long while.