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Home Depot Hashtag: Four Properties for $20,000 and Below

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Last week MSNBC featured the story of Vena Jones-Cox, who'd purchased 49 houses at $3,000 each in Ohio. Her experience looking at the homes was somewhat harrowing: She fell through the basement stairs of one of them. "I found myself lying on the floor," she told a reporter, "staring at a dead rat, by the way."

Philly's not chock-a-block with houses for $3,000 (or even $10,000, as our sister site Curbed Detroit features) but if you like Home Depot, here are a few "investor specials."

Address: 891 Farson St. (between 50th and 51st near Westminster Ave.)
Hood: Mill Creek
Size: Three-bedroom, 1 bath, 1,054 square feet
Condition: "As is"
Price: $20,000

Address: 5121 Harlan St. (between 52nd St. and Lancaster Ave.)
Hood: Carroll Park
Size: Three-bedroom, 1 bath, 1,024 square feet
Condition: "Fixer-upper" "As is"
Price: $15,000

Address: 1701 Lehigh Ave. (off Glenwood Ave. and 17th St.)
Hood: North Philly
Size: ginormous. First-floor lease available in three-story, multi-tenanted, four building office complex on 1.760 acre site with parking
Condition: Renovated in 2002
Price: $12,000

Address: 2839 N. 13th St. (near Cambria St.)
Hood: North Central
Size: Three-bedroom, one bath, 1,274 square feet
Condition: "almost ready for a tenant"
Price: $19,900
· Listing: 891 Farson St. [Trulia]
· Listing: 5121 Harlan St. [Trulia]
· Listing: 1701 W. Lehigh Ave. [Trulia]
· Listing: 2839 N. 13th St. [Trulia]