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Philly Event Man Caves: Are Men Really Such Muttonheads?

Philadelphia event planners now seem to assume that adult men can't find interest in anything other than sports, games and beer—and that they can't even be companionable to their wives and significant others if the event doesn't completely capture their interest. This week's Philadelphia Flower Show, an august tradition once the province of sophisticates, isn't necessarily the place you'd except to find vapid crotch-scratching lunkheads. But they must be there because the show features a man cave tricked out with big-screen TVs, casino games, a bar and a porn library (er, we made that last one up). Sayeth one fellow surely not on the Social Register: “I like watching a huge TV set in front of me. I can’t beat it while the wives are shopping.”

The Flower Show may have gotten inspired by the Greater Philadelphia Media Bridal Expo last month, which had an "All Around Philly Man Cave" featuring table games, video games, 50-inch plasma screens and beer. Oh, and if the men wanted to stand up and move, there was laser tag. That's right, while the women were trying to pick out invitations and flower arrangements, men were chasing each other around a room with lasers.

Last year's Philly Home Show also featured a man cave exhibit—created by Weiler’s Kitchen and Bath Design Center and Barbara Klazmer Eiseman of Klazmer Eiseman Interiors—with the requisite sports, booze and giant TV theme.

What's next? A man cave at the Liberty Medal ceremony?

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