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Bassett Hounds and Beagles Comment on Spokesdog Contest

The Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) sure knows how to get press coverage. Who doesn't love a puppy face? The PWD's Watershed Spokesdog contest now includes 25 contestants from Northern Liberties and 25 from Queen Village. Some of the pet names are pretty terrific: Babygirl Garcia, Frank Sinatra, Lobster, Young Money, Harvey William Scout and Joey Bag-o-Donuts are particular faves. The contest website has exhaustive profiles of each dog, along with information about how each dog is doing its part to be kind to the environment. Click on the images above to find out what each dog was thinking when the photo was snapped. · Philadelphia Water Dept. Watershed Issues [PWD]
· Philly Water's Best Friend Competition [phillywatersheds]