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Republican Nightmare: United Nations House Share

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There's a 2,500 square foot Victorian house in Manayunk with a large room open for a fourth roommate. It seems lovely, but foreign travel experience might help with domestic relations:

About us: I am a French professional and I already lived 7 years in Philadelphia before going back to Paris which is my hometown. I recently moved back to the US and decided to settle in Manayunk. I have also lived in Munich, London and Toronto. My first roommate is an American/Brazilian professional who studied in Argentina and Brazil, did internships in Berlin and Madrid and she is now working for a consulting firm in Philadelphia. My second roommate is German/Russian and she is doing an internship at a Market Research company after studying in California. My third roommate is from San Francisco and she just moved back to the US after spending 1.5 year in Ireland and she also lived in Costa Rica. Only traveled to Tijuana one time for an hour to retrieve some "prescription" drugs? No worries. You'll fit in just fine.
· Listing: $525 Large room for rent in beautiful Victorian house with 2 garages [craigslist]