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Jonathan Papelbon; Det. Joe Murray; Kendra Wilkinson

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RITTENHOUSE SQUARE—We hear that the Phillies' new closer, Jonathan Papelbon, has moved into 1706 Rittenhouse Square, the building that recently sold the most expensive apartment in Philadelphia's foreversville. Each "apartment" is actually a full floor with a separate elevator for an owner's car, so you could live there for years without seeing another resident. But just in case Papelbon wants some company, the Phillies' Cliff Lee lives there too. [Curbed Philly Inbox]
WEST PHILLY—The 18th District's Det. Joe Murray was a crime-fighting, community policing wonder with his Twitter account (@TheFuzz9143)—until the Philadelphia Police Dept. said approval was needed for social media use. Murray put in a request long ago, with no answer. Now neighborhood residents have published a petition they plan to present to Police Commissioner Ramsey. [Curbed Philly Inbox]
CELEBRITY LAND—Onetime Playboy Mansion resident and reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson was down the shore this weekend, and she talked about her Jersey and Philly roots. "I have a West Coast personality but an East Coast attitude—I’m part-Jersey/Philly girl," she said. She's also married to a former Philly Eagle, Hank Baskett. To listen to more of Wilkinson's thoughts about our area, listen to the audio interview with Veronica Dudo. [CBS Philly]