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Drum Roll ... and the Answer Is Girard and Shackamaxon!

Cornerspotter is a Curbed Philly feature in which we show you a historical photo of the city and you tell us where the photo was taken. The prize? Your name and quirky biographical info here as well as a historic Philadelphia postcard snail-mailed to your home. Have suggestions for next week's Cornerspotter? Send them to

The hint seems to have thrown people off (our devilish intent?) because most of the guesses were Johnny Brenda's at Girard and Frankford. But no, hispter friends, the intersection above—in a photo taken in 1901—is actually Girard and Shackamaxon.

Our big winner is Port Richmond resident Michael Matela, who works for the city's Geographic Information Systems department. We don't know what his job involves, but we'd guess it gives him quite a leg up in Cornerspotting. He says he recognized the spot for other reasons, though: "My daughter goes to daycare blocks away from this corner and I catch the El at Girard, so I am familiar with the area." When he sent his answer in, he identified it as the corner with East Girard Gastropub (E.G.G.), but not because he's a habitué. "I have yet to go here because I am a new dad and free time is few and far between," he says. "Hopefully one day soon!" New dad—there goes the neighborhood.

Michael will be the lucky recipient of one of our vintage Philadelphia postcards, and of course the glory that comes with this post. Congrats, Michael!