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Ellsworth Kelly Sculpture Installed Today

The wind yesterday delayed the installation of famed sculptor Ellsworth Kelly's Barnes Totem in front of the museum. But today it's back on. WHYY's arts and culture guru Peter Crimmins spoke with Kelly about his affection for the Barnes Museum, which was born out of a day the sculptor spent alone there. The galleries were closed but he was able to get VIP access. On WHYY-FM, Kelly told Crimmins his only instructions were to turn on a light when he came in and turn off a light when he left. "So we spent the morning there," he said with genuine wonder in his voice. "It was fantastic."

Crimmins described the Totem as looking a bit like Tetris (which he clarified was a video game). To be sure, the sculpture, which isn't exactly the personification of Albert Barnes' taste, won't be to everyone's liking. But after hearing the reverence in Kelly's voice, there's no question he feels his Totem is a sincere tribute.

Barnes On The Parkway

2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103