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This Wayne House Challenges the Notion of "Refinement"

When a listing claims a house is "the epitome of refinement," it's asking for trouble—especially if the interior looks like the above. A few fun things to notice about the photos in the gallery: First of all, the soap opera-style, buttery-filter photo of a sofa. Perhaps, given the house's plantation appearance, it's meant to suggest Old Hollywood, like Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind. (Scarlett did make the best of interiors, after all, using curtains as a dress.)

Secondly, the stove. We think we love it a little, though its bulbous contours are out of place here. Are we wrong to love it? We're confused.

Thirdly, the staging involves high heels in front of a bed, high heels by a chair, a shirt hanging from a dresser and a purse on the bed. Are these graphic representations of refinement? At least in Wayne?
· Listing: 674 Richards Road, Wayne [Trulia]