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The Barclay's Luxurious Alphabet Apartment (UPDATE)

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This custom condo is unit 20CDE, hence our moniker the Alphabet Apartment. This unit, as you can see from the floorplan and photos, is certainly Rittenhouse Square-worthy, but the rare air of the Barclay brings it up a notch. Now owned by real estate mogul Allan Domb, the Barclay Condominiums used to be part of the Barclay Hotel, which represented a type of Center City boutique hotel elegance (or, um, "geriatric prestige," as Rolling Stone called it in 1974) that seems to have fallen out of favor since the Warwick became part of a chain and the Latham turned bland. The Barclay wasn't a small hotel, but it felt that way to many—especially those who hung out at the legendary piano bar as though it were a Rittenhouse Junior Union League. When the hotel was put on the market in 1989, it was offered at $30 million. This pet-friendly condo is considerably less at $2.9 million.

UPDATE: In response to commenters, we got in touch with Arielle over at Allan Domb's office. Turns out, there was a mistake on their website that has since been corrected. She writes, "Your commenters are correct: There are city views to the south and east. The third view is north towards Locust Street. One more thing I want to point out: The Barclay is a condominium so Allan doesn't own the building. He bought and redeveloped the building into condominiums in 1999." Duly noted. Thanks, Arielle.

Size: 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath, 3,293 square feet
High life: High ceilings; city views from a high floor; foyer with high domed ceiling
Extras: Three fireplaces; custom-built walk-in closet that's so big it has an island
Amenities: 24-hour concierge, fitness center, chauffer-driven Mercedes
Monthly fees: $2,153
Monthly taxes: $185

· Listing: 237 South 18th St. Apt. 20CDE [Allan Domb]

The Barclay Condominiums

237 S. 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 Visit Website