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What Happens to the Mural on This Investor's Special?

This mural along the wall of 2640 S. Dickinson is called Journey, and was painted by Wade Williams and Sandra Murphy for the Mural Arts Program (MAP). The house is being marketed with a bold "INVESTORS LOOK NO FURTHER! Ideal fix-n-rent or perfect for owner occupant handyman." Though the listing also says the house "just needs your finishing touches," you'll see from the photos (on the next page) that may be a bit of a stretch. No surprise the owner is "motivated."

The house was already dirt cheap before a recent price chop to $34,900. Will that finally do the trick? If it does, what happens to the mural? We think it has a certain outside-artist, naïf charm—though we're not sure the artists would be flattered by that characterization.

· Listing: 2640 Dickinson St. [Coldwell Banker Pref/Old City]