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Hey, Is That a Muskie on Your Wall?

We're featuring this new-to-market house in Roxborough with a fish on its wall in honor of yesterday's Inquirer report that more people in Pa. are applying for fishing licenses. And lest you think fishing is mostly a Pennsyltucky pastime, there's plenty of Philly-based angling too. Trout season opened on Saturday, bringing eager fishermen to the Wissahickon Creek. We chatted with a couple of guys on the hunt for dinner, both of them wearing those vests that have so many pockets, you just want to grab one and use it as a desk organizer. The guys weren't fly-fishing, but that's popular there too. It does, however, have its drawbacks, according to blogger Eric J. Cox. On Fly-Fishing in Philadelphia, he writes:

I am frustrated by the rude people letting their dogs run in the water in front of or next to me (when I was there first), throwing rocks in the water, encroaching fisherman and even people jumping into the water from the bridge above me! Yes. It is frustrating. Where has the courtesy gone? Has it gone the way of the black and white TV? [Ed. note: Eric is perhaps dating himself a little there.] There's also urban fishing in Philly, which takes advantage of naturally occurring fish at spots along the Schuylkill. Some people even do subsistence fishing on the Schuylkill. Good thing we live in the wealthiest nation in the world.

As for the house—yes! Finally!—here are the details:

Size: 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, basement, 1,655 square feet
Outdoors: Covered deck, fenced backyard, front lawn
Parking: garage
Post black-and-white TV bonus: Check out the front door. Curbed is perhaps dating itself a little here, but doesn't the door have a Brady Bunch vibe?
Outdoorsman's bonus: Forest wall mural
Price: $259,000

· Listing: 623 Renz St. [Keller Williams/Al LaBrusciano]

· Increase in sales of Pa. fishing licenses could signal trend [Inquirer]

Oh, and also: