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New Lease Signed for Indy Hall (No, Not That One)

It's been a couple weeks since Philly's co-working space Indy Hall announced its bold plans for expansion at its Old City location, and now it's official: The lease has been signed. In case you're not familiar with co-working, the idea behind it is to bring together people who typically work alone. People come to a central gathering space and do their work together, but apart. It's great for creative people like artists, designers and writers who can get pretty isolated working at home. Last year, Indy Hall was listed as one of "10 Great Co-Working Spaces in the U.S." in PC Magazine. No surprise, then, that there's a waiting list.

Now Indy Hall will expand into the first floor of its building, allowing for new members, new space for teams, a dedicated classroom and, most important, street-level access. It'll integrate the co-working community into the larger neighborhood, particularly if the decision is made to have a coffee shop or store in the entryway. The redesign of the space, not surprisingly, will be a collaborative process. We'll keep you posted.

Indy Hall

20 N 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106 267 702 4865