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Earth Day Special: Buy Some Stuff to Be a Better Person!

Enviro Drums

These Aspire LG bongos with are made of "kiln dried, environmentally friendly Siam oak." Only drawback: noise pollution.

Rain Barrel

As the poster says, "We aren't in a drought yet, why wait?"

DIY Sweater Makers

Stop buying from sweatshops. Instead, keep these "adorable, low-maintenance Katahdin lambs" around. Okay, technically, they don't have enough wool to shear, but at least they won't get eaten.

Worm Bin

"We have a worm bin that we no longer need." Why? What happened? Did you get another, better worm bin? Is there a hierarchy? "Toss food scraps in there with a bunch of worms and they'll eat thru and turn it into compost."

Lighthouse Candle Holders

Little glass lighthouses that you put candles in! They make electricity seem gauche.