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John Coltrane House: Crumbling Into Dust

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A few days ago, an Associated Press article about Philly's Coltrane House made big news, from the Washington Post to Huffington Post to MSNBC (and also: the China Post). It's no surprise—Coltrane is a national treasure. But the house he lived in is a mess, and unless people start ponying up some cash, it's simply going to fall in on itself, as our gallery shows. The AP's Kathy Matheson wrote:

Local and national preservation groups are supporting the effort and hope to raise $50,000 for immediate repairs and stabilization. Ideally, future plans for the home will include programming and neighborhood engagement, said Walter Gallas, director of the northeast field office for the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Interestingly, Coltrane's other house in Dix Hills, NY, was—like the one in Philly—put on an endangered properties list for 2011. Is there a failure to appreciate Coltrane in this country? Where's the Love?
· Philly seeks to repair Coltrane house, promote city’s jazz heritage and celebrate music scene [Washington Post/AP]

John Coltrane House

1511 North 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19121