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Modern Delancey Street Home With "Mystical Garden"

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Photos by Drew Callaghan

This new-to-market house's interior has a very Eastern flavor. The interior's influence apparently extends to the outdoor space, which, according to the listing, includes a private "Mystical Garden" (which currently has a nice grill in it, somewhat dampening the space's metaphysical impact). The rest of the house seems very peaceful. Given that it was owned by a dentist and psychiatrist, the need for a Buddhist-like perspective on suffering—and complaining—was probably essential.

Size: 2 beds, 3 baths, 1,600 square feet
Extras: Innumerable built-ins, wine closet, basement, roof deck
Warning for parents: House has a lot of slate; keep chalk in childproof container
Price: $729,000
· Listing: 2417 Delancey Place [Prudential Fox Roach/Society Hill]