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Buy This Trumbauer Estate and Obsess Over Lynnewood Hall

Photos: Hunter Reed and Company

A tip of the hat to our cousins over at Curbed National, who made this house in Elkins Park a House of the Day last week. It's a 15,000 square foot estate that was merely the carriage house for the main house, Ronaele, which has been demolished. But perhaps more interestingly for architecture buffs, this property—now called Pheasant Run—is very close to Lynnewood Hall, the area's Versailles-like Trumbauer property that's off limits to the public.

Whoever buys Pheasant Run can use it as a recon outpost to keep an eye on Lynnewood Hall. Recent video by the Inquirer's Jennifer Lin of the interior suggests at least some of it looks pretty good, though it was said to be "cannibalized," according to the Washington Post. Lin also briefly interviewed the current owner, Dr. Richard Yoon, who may lose the building if his congregation doesn't get tax exemption. He seems very sad about that possibility.

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Lynnewood Hall

920 Spring Avenue, Elkins Park, PA 19027