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We're Moving Into This South Philly House. Don't Tell Percy.

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With airbnb, the idea is that you're coming from another city and staying at someone's home they've goosed up for guests. But this ridiculously lovely Wharton Street house—which has been featured on design*sponge and Apartment Therapy, among other places—is so enticing, we've decided to move in. (If you'd like an alternate opinion on the design themes of this house, however, go to this site, which we'd also like to move in with.) The owner (pictured, with vintage fan), whose name is Percy, will be told we're there for a month. When the end of the month arrives, we'll just act like we don't know what he means when he talks about our departure—we'll shrug, look at him oddly and then go about our business: putting our laundry in the front-loading washer, fiddling around in the wood shop in the basement, sitting and reading in the ivy-draped backyard, watching the sun set from the two-story roof deck. Then we'll yawn ostentatiously (in case he's watching) and run into the bedroom.

In his airbnb profile, Percy says he loves "hosting interesting people as much as I can." You can have as much of us as you want, P-jawn (can we call you P-jawn?). Now let's talk about that rent: $1,908 is a little steep...
· Listing: "Rooms in Gorgeous S.Philly Townhome" [airbnb]