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Shackamaxon By Way of Santa Barbara Causes a Stir

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Hoo boy. Today has been a fun day over on Philadelphia Speaks. Christopher Sawyer, Anti-Bandit Sign Superhero, posted a bunch of dirt about the owner of a house for sale in Fishtown. Back taxes, almost-foreclosure, a perhaps-sham LLC, etc. Under the moniker Arctic Splash, Sawyer did what he regularly does: He posted public documents revealing legal maneuvers and tax misdeeds. This time, though, other PS members got a little touchy about it. The question arose: Is it different to post such information when the property in question isn't a crack den or an abandoned warehouse? Is it unfair to assume an owner is a deadbeat simply because they haven't paid taxes?

Putting aside such philosophical considerations (which get heated, and therefore, fun to read), let's talk about the house. We spotted the listing recently, but thought it was a mistake in placement—that maybe it was a house in Santa Barbara that somehow got mixed up with Philadelphia. But the house is in Fishtown, actually, and has a pool, a garden and a sunroom. The listing recommends you "invite your 100 closest friends to enjoy these unique amenities" like the kitchen that can accommodate "a chef and catering staff while guests roam the first floor and garden."

Size: 4 beds, 3.5 baths, 3,480 square feet
Outdoor space: garden, sunroom, pool, deck
Eyes Wide Shut bonus: "decadent hand-blown Venetian chandelier"
Price: $1.1 million

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· Listing: 1132-34 Shackamaxon St. [Keller Williams]