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New Restaurant Opens in G-Ho—or Is It SoWe?

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Tomorrow night sees the public opening of SoWe, a new restaurant at 22nd and Carpenter. The eatery's name has caused a little consternation because though it's pronounced "so we," it's meant to stand for Southwest, as in Southwest Center City. SoWe's owners told our sister site Eater Philly, "We want this restaurant to be a centerpiece of the neighborhood. That’s why we named it SoWe." Hmm. Eater Philly editor Collin Flatt wasn't buying:

We hate to break it to you guys, but not one person we know calls that area SoWe. Locals refer to that corner of Philly as Graduate Hospital, and we would completely support the restaurant being called G-Ho. We're pretty sure most of Philly would, too. To prove his point, he did a poll and the vast majority of participants favored G-Ho over SoWe for the restaurant's name. Owners Nancy Law and Troy Barton were obviously unimpressed, and to be sure, they're not alone. The name G-Ho isn't exactly appealing to out-of-towners (or in-towners, for that matter). The neighborhood is also sometimes known as South of South, but as a restaurant name, that could get confusing. No matter. It's the food that counts. A crab cake slider by any other name...

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Photo via the Insider