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Adorable Carriage House Redolent of Hobbits

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Imagine your first night in this house: It's you, Frodo, Sam and Pippin—in Mt. Airy! Invite Gandalf over, and now you'll really have a party. The description basically concedes this home's Hobbitability: This "unique hideaway" is "tucked at the end of a long driveway." We like the stained glass window in a bathroom with Sir Walter Raleigh on it. (Or is it Shakespeare? Robin Hood?) And the pool is very organic; it blends in with the (almost) acre of land, rather than seeming to be a giant manmade bathtub invader of nature. The house last sold in 2007 for $445,000, so the current asking price—$439,000—must be a bitter pill to swallow. It was originally listed almost a year ago for $559,000 and has come down six times since then. Tough times for Hobbits and humans alike. Size: 2 beds, 1.5 baths, 2,536 square feet
Extras: Fireplace, perhaps a shed on the grounds
Price: $439,000
· Listing: 139 Carpenter Lane [Prudential Fox Roach/Chestnut Hill—Bethlehem Pike]