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NBC10 Calls 5500 Baltimore Ave. "North Philadelphia"

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Are the newscasters in this town simply unable to locate ... Philadelphia? Just a few days ago, Action News said a fire happened in Tacony when it actually happened in Wissinoming. While this kind of error is glaring, it's slightly more understandable—dealing as it does in the subtleties of neighborhood—than using the wrong name for an entire swath of the city. A report yesterday about an abandoned, crumbling, dangerous building on Vodges Street off of Baltimore and 55th was introduced as being about North Philadelphia. Even the on-location reporter, Harry Hairston—who was standing in West Philly—says, "It's an eyesore that some North Philly neighbors say has been around way too long." The web version also refers to the area as North Philadelphia. Ironically, the otherwise worthwhile segment was done by NBC's "Investigators." Perhaps next time they should investigate a map.

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