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This Is Your Weekend: April 27-April 29, 2012

This is a new Curbed Philly feature we're taking for a spin. Each Friday we'll give you a heads up about very particular activities we think readers will like. Got ideas? Ping our tipline:

JENKINTOWN—This house sale is packed to the rafters with everything from a vintage Gigi pinball machine (pictured above) to kilim rugs to innumerable blankets, books and furniture. There's a slot machine too, in case Philly doesn't get that casino license and you feel sad about it.
CONVENTION CENTER—It's the weekend of the august Philadelphia Antiques Show, and it's different this year since the "antiques" will include items crafted as late as 1970—which is kind of like when the oldies station plays a song from your sweet 16.

THE SHORE—Want to live life as an oogle, like Philly's squatter/blogger DJ Pommerville? Survivor has an open casting call Saturday at Trump Taj Mahal in AC. You'll definitely get crustpunky on that show.
EAST PASSYUNK—Flavors of the Avenue on Saturday will be between Dickinson and Morris streets, and aside from tons of food, there'll be a craft market hosted by Crafty Balboa (superb name), so you can buy weird Philly things for your house.
FISHTOWN—It's the Fishtown Shadfest, which—despite the fun—has a pretty serious mission: "to celebrate the historical and environmental significance of Fishtown, one of Philadelphia’s oldest riverfront neighborhoods, and energize the next generation to become involved in the future of the riverfront." Well, get to it!