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Philly Squatter Featured in VICE

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Photos: LATFO

DJ Pommerville is what a lot of people would call a crustpunk—one of the primarily white kids you see sitting on street corners with dogs, dressed in shabby clothes, often pierced and tattooed, sometimes panhandling, sometimes just gathered in groups. They wouldn't necessarily call themselves crustpunks, though—they might say "travelers," what they imagine is the 21st-century equivalent of hobos. Some are runaways, some are drug addicts, some are rich kids who are slumming it for a while. Philly-based DJ Pommerville calls them "oogles," and his NSFW website Look At This Fucking Oogle (named for sites like Look At This Fucking Hipster) has become, in the words of Vice writer Gordon Lamb "equal parts society page, town crier, and obituary page." That latter piece—the obits—tells you something about the danger of oogle life, which is due in large part to drugs and alcohol. You'll see a lot of that on LATFO, but it's a mix, writes Lamb: "It's full of inside jokes and missing person alerts, tributes and trouble, and warnings and welcomes. It's Larry Clark's Tulsa reborn via self-documentation and crowd participation." And penises. Lots of penises.

Pommerville isn't in Philly forever; that's the nature of the game. There's a train you can hop in Philly that goes right to Montreal, he tells Lamb, so he might do that. Meanwhile, he lives rent-free in an unnamed squat and cooks for an unnamed eatery. Perhaps your next grilled cheese sandwich or filet mignon will be oogle-crafted. Meanwhile, we tried to pick some photos from the site that showed some interiors: This is how oogles live. No, they are not houses designed by Mitchell/Giurgola, but that's how the oogles like it.
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