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A Lot of Bang for Your Buck in Tacony/Wissinoming

Despite the fact that the Northeast section of the city is enormous and incredibly varied in ethnicity and architecture, it simply can't escape its image as a monolithic purgatory that's boring at best and vulgar at worst. But for those who want to buy a house but find it prohibitively expensive, the Northeast can be a viable option. The key, as with every area in Philly, is to figure out which neighborhood best suits you. If you like large Victorian-style homes with lots of bedrooms but have been priced out of other parts of the city with that kind of architecture, Tacony and Wissinoming may be a welcome surprise. Take, for example, the house above. It has its faults: As with many houses in the area, some exterior decisions—like adding aluminum anything—would be best unmade. And the bedroom-bathroom ratio is not favorable if you have several daughters. But the potential here? Marvelous. Size: 5 beds, 1.5 baths, 2,016 square feet
Outdoor space: front porch, fenced yard
Bonus for chefs with cold feet: Kitchen has radiant heated floors
Price: $175,000
· Listing: 6648 Ditman St. [RE/MAX Affiliates N.E.]