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"Jewel Box" House for Person Who Inadvertently Adopts Dog

When a house is described as a "jewel box" that's perfect for "the busy professional who doesn't want a lot of upkeep," you can be sure it's tiny. But there's something charming about this little house, which would be a nice starter home for a single person with a dog. (Not that a dog is required, mind you, but you are across the street from a dog park, which means you could irrationally adopt a too-large-for-the-city dog from an animal shelter after watching that infomercial with Sarah McLachlan.) The house has a lot of quirky details that make you feel sorry for it, like the teensy drawers next to the stove, the non-working exposed brick fireplace and the funky stairs leading to the top room. The NoLibs location is excellent—it's on a side street off Fourth and Poplar.

Size: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1,235 square feet
Price: $289,900
Extras: Basement, outdoor patio
Parking: Street
· Listing: 908 N. Orianna St. [Zillow]