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Is This Stephen Starr's New Kitchen (and House)?

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We just got a tip that Stephen Starr has purchased a home at 516 Spruce Street. This is a pretty early tip, so we post it with the caveat that we don't know if it's pre-settlement or if Starr has keys in hand. If all goes as planned, though, this may be the place where he'll lick his wounds after battling NIMBY opponents to his newest restaurant in Greenwich Village. The New York Post's Steve Cuozzo called the restaurant's opponents "idiots" in a recent column, and defended Starr's honor, saying, "Starr owns three well-regarded New York restaurants among a total of 26 nationally — most in notoriously dull Philadelphia." Listen, Cuozzo, it may be dull to you, but it looks like Starr just bought another home here, so apparently he still finds it interesting.

A note about the kitchen (of course): As in Starr's previous home, this kitchen is in the middle of a large room that has a living area next to it. Communal cooking, hanging out—could you get this kind of square footage and design for 2 million bucks in Manhattan, Cuozzo? You could not.

You think this is the new Starr house? Skeptical? Have tips of your own? Leave them in the comments.

Size: 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, 4,261 square feet
Last known sale price: $2,375,000
Outdoors: Landscaped garden
Parking: Two-car garage
Exhausted restaurant-magnate bonus: Elevator to all floors
· Listing: 516 Spruce St. [Prudential Fox Roach]
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